Problem with referral.php and donations
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Autor:  Polish LOGD [ Fr 27 Feb, 2004 19:57 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Problem with referral.php and donations

I have BIG problems with donations.
I don't now how users can spent their points ???


best to U

Autor:  anpera [ Fr 27 Feb, 2004 20:50 ]
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The donation system of 0.9.7 is bound to "Hunter's Lodge". Hunter's Lodge has not been released till now and I doubt it will be released in 0.9.8. It was developed for central server only.

If you want to have a donation system on your server you should write it yourself. The lodge.php on my server is not the official version. It was written by weasel and me especially for our servers and for our needs. Because of this I can't offer the source.

There is no way to spend collected donation points anywhere else in the game. Sorry.

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