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DOWNTIME for 1½ Days.
Server was disconnected on Friday night and automatic reconnection didn't work. I was not at home this weekend and so unable to fix ( =click "OK";) ) it. Sorry for this.

DYNDNS.ORG was not reachable. is routed through, so this site can not be found. The server tries to connect to every 10 minutes. I hope it will be reachable soon.

>>Update: and reachable again

ALICE deactivated. I need better hardware before I can activate ALICE again. But she will return ;)

-- bluescreen of death because of *unknown* --
sorry for downtime

Added 64 MB more RAM. I hope that this will make the forum a bit faster...
Sorry for downtime.

[03.02.2003] Forum started.

Hardware Upgrade completed! is now running on a brand "new" machine. I did some software updates as well (WinME, Apache, PHP). Webspace doubled again.
There may be some short downtimes within the next days but that's nothing to worry about. ;)

>>Update: MySQL running now!

Hardware Upgrade! is not available for a view hours/days. Hosted homepages can be accessed with but not with FTP and PHP disabled.

Added ALICE, a chatbot with artificial intelligence, to You can reach her everytime you like and chat with this friendly bot by clicking on "talk to alice" in the menu. Maybe I got to shut down Alice sometimes because she needs tons of CPU speed.
I'll need a faster CPU very soon...

Hard Disc failure! As long expected, today one of the two very very old hard discs died a painful death. I removed both discs. is running on a not-so-very-old disc now. Webspace doubled!
No data was lost. Sorry for downtime. ;)

Added PHP4 support and MySQL right now. Seems to work :) but I'll check it later.

>>Update: MySQL may not be configured right yet

>>Update2: MySQL deactivated. I need some more time (and maybe better hardware *g*) to make it run...

-- bluescreen of death because of *unknown* -- half day downtime :( sorry

ISP changed. is now connected by Tiscali (with T-DSL)

Guess what? Right, I didn't find the time to setup PHP support.
I'll change my ISP within the next days/weeks, so is running on arcor servers for the next time. FTP-Server is down. Some pictures on external links may not work.

If I can find some time I will try to set up PHP-support again this weekend. I found a new software (experimental for my special server configuration) and I hope this time it works. I will route to another server while setup so that there may not be any downtimes. Some pictures could possibly not be loaded then.

I did some security updates. There was a short downtime between 16:30 and 17:45 CEST.
Also took a look at the server-logs. Well... seems like I should offer some more services and hurry to get php-support running ;)
To all those clowns who try to login as "admin" on my ftp-server: There is no admin-account! ;) See menu to see all possible ways to access this server.

This night my ISP disconnected my server for unknown reason. The automatic reconnection gave up after 100 tries (20 minutes) so got the first unexpected downtime. Sorry for that.
Server is connected again.
This weekend I will try to add ftp and php support. Downtimes during installation!!

>>Update: FTP online.

redirection removed; is up now.
Not all services are available right now.
The Server disconnects every 24 hours for about 10 minutes. This is for technical reason and out of my influence (T-DSL flat with dynamic IP).

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