Wichtig: Wechselt den Central Server!
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Autor:  Meteora [ Di 18 Okt, 2005 15:28 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Wichtig: Wechselt den Central Server!

Heute Morgen verfasste unser allergeliebte MightyE folgenden Beitrag:
Because the LoGDnet listings actually represent a pretty big chunk of Central's traffic, we're going to split the listings off of Central ( This'll be a two-phased approach to minimise the impact on the actual listings.

First we'll try to get all server admins to update their LoGDnet Master Server to, then when we have most servers converted to this new master server, we'll actually relocate the database elsewhere.

Please update your LoGDnet Master Server value to as early as possible so that your game listing isn't affected. Visit your Superuser Grotto, then click on Game Settings. Locate the value for "Master LoGDnet Server" found under "LoGDnet Setup", and change this value to "" (without the quote marks).

Bitte wechselt euren Central Server per Spieleinstellungen auf . MightyE dankt.


Autor:  anpera [ Di 18 Okt, 2005 15:51 ]
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Jap, danke Meteora. Habs eben auch rein bekommen.

-> Wichtige Ank√ľndigung!

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